i don’t lie…

June 11, 2009 thescarletpoppy

i only tell the truth.

so, i went out with my friends to a club last night, which i never do. it was a good time overall, though still not really my thing, and we left around one. and found a guy passed out COLD in the parking deck gutter in front of my friend’s car. we called 911 after we couldn’t get him to wake up, and i had to hold his head up and turn him to the side as he threw up several times. the cops came followed by the paramedics and the guy finally started to wake up, remind me to get smelling salts cause they work like a charm. he didn’t have anyone and the cops were just going to let him on his way so we said we’d drive him home. he couldn’t tell us where that was though so we took him back to my friend’s apt. upon which we found out BITCH WAS 18!!!! anyway, we finally got his dumbass “friends” to pick him up, and i got called ma’am about 10 times which i wasn’t too keen on…i was like “ummm i’m only 22, stop that” sigh. anyway, i was never that stupid when i was 18. that drunk? yes, but not stupid enough to end up alone in a gutter. of course, my friends weren’t dumbasses either.

don’t be a dumbass people.


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