homemade veggie dumplings

July 11, 2009 thescarletpoppy
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so the other night my friend and i decided that we wanted to make our own dumplings. so we trundled on to our local super g mart (a huge international food market) and got our supplies. we actually had a rather around the world spread as we also got supplies to make guacamole, salsa, hummus, mochi (ok we cheated here and just bought them frozen), bubble tea, and pineapple/mango margaritas. we also got shrimp chips, which we figured would be a) so disgusting that we’d have to throw them out of the car in an “exploding-bomb” like style or b0 so delicious we’d wonder why we hadn’t been eating them our whole lives. luckily, it was b. seriously, they are like little bits of sweet airy heaven, so try them!


they also had dragon fruit, which i hadn’t had in ages!


but, i digress.

so, dumplings. first, you get the dumpling wrappers:


then, make a filling. i made a really good veggie one that consisted of



green onions:


baby bok choy:


and an egg:

Egg and Shell

first i chopped up the mushrooms and green onion (i just used one), added the egg as a binder as well as garlic, hoisin sauce (a tablespoon or two), and salt and pepper. i then chopped up the baby bok choy and steamed it (to make it wilt and go down in volume) and added it to the rest of the filling mixture. then you take the dumpling wrapper (after you defrost them) and put a teaspoon size dollop of the filling in the middle. have a bowl of water ready and with your finger tip wet the edge of the wrapper. pinch the edges together in any style you want. you can fold it in half or in a little purse or whatever else you can think of!

boil for 6 minutes or so and put the dumplings on a colander or rack to drain some of the water. or, you can pan fry them in some oil. serve with dumpling sauce, soy sauce, or hoisin sauce and eat!

(i’ll try to put a picture up of the final product later)


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