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I just discovered the most ridiculously cute thing. ever.


Foodie earrings.


So awesome I want to implode.







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well, I haven’t posted in ages!

long story short I moved to Seattle, lived and worked at a hostel for two months then moved to West Seattle¬†when my grad program started. after six months there I moved to Capitol Hill. I have a million projects and I love living one day at a time! I’ve also really gotten into crocheting. here are some fun little projects I want to try:

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bye bye nc. bye bye southern food.

well, i’m moving from north carolina to seattle, washington next week! and while i’m unbelievably excited i will miss nc. one of the things i’ll miss most? the food. so here’s my list:

sweet tea

biscuits (namely from sunrise biscuits)

vinegar based bbq

katie’s soft pretzels

fried chicken

maple view ice cream

full diner breakfast: bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, grits, biscuit, country ham.

at least i’ll get great coffee and sushi!

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She and Him+Wye Oak=amazing

i had been looking forward to last night’s show for a loooong time, and i’m glad to say it lived up to my hype! i fell in love with Wye Oak, who were amazing, and absolutely loved the She and Him set. old songs, new songs, and an amazing encore including the best rendition of¬† “i put a spell on you” that i’ve ever heard. now, if only they would record it…sadly no pictures were allowed…

but of course Zooey Deschanel wore an amazing dress, white a-line paired with a headband of huge white flowers. also, i think i might have fallen in love with M. Ward…just a little.

anyway, here’s some Wye Oak:

and some She and Him:

(wow! i actually found “i put a spell on you!” incidentally, that’s the same dress. sans flowers.)

this is a clearer version:

btw, i love the older guy they have on guitar, he was awesome.

if they come to your town, go see them!

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“La planta solo da una flor grande, globosa, de seis petalos de hermosas colores, sin aroma.”

“The plant gives only one large globular flower, with six petals made of gorgeous colors, without scent. ”


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two guys a girl and a pizza place

look what i found! i used to love this show, and not just cause of nathan fillion. (but it’s a big plus)

this is episode 1 season 4

you can find the rest on youtube by following the links

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another thing to spend money on… but they’re all so pretty…

also, i discovered an awesome new site

with a lot of interesting tidbits like this

and this

i will now spend hours exploring.

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